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Lottery Winner Isn’t Gambling With Her Health

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Cheryl Click deCODEme genetic test customer, Lubbock, Texas

After years of reading meters for the electric company, Cheryl Click won the Texas lottery, retired and purchased a cattle ranch. Now financially secure, Ms. Click is no longer rolling the dice with her health.

By Edward Weinman

Cheryl Click is rich beyond her wildest dreams. In the 1990s, she won the
Texas lottery, pocketing upwards of $27 million. After quitting her job at the electric company, this Texan with a glowing smile cashed in on her dreams and now owns various cattle ranches.

Knowing that her family had a history of heart disease, and wanting to stick around long enough to enjoy her horses and cattle, Ms. Click turned to deCODE genetics for help deciphering what role genetics play in her family’s medical history.

“All my immediate family is gone,” Ms. Click says in her thick Texas drawl. “They died from heart problems. My sister had open-heart surgery, but her heart wasn’t strong enough to support her surgery. My brother had asthma all his life, but his heart quit on him one day. And my mother died of a stroke.”

Link: Read the rest of Cheryl Click’s interview

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Written by Keith Hayward

July 3rd, 2008 at 4:56 pm